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Top 10 best furniture designs for your home

Jun 27, 2023

What truly makes or breaks a home at the end of the day is the furniture that’s placed in it. The right kind of furniture design can create the essence and soul of a home. And I do feel it’s essential that the soul of our home is a reflection of our own soul. Hence picking furniture pieces that bring out the best in our homes, while authentically representing our personality is a must. You need to pick designs that are fun, sophisticated, and functional. They add an extra spark to your home, without compromising on utility in the least. From a quirky baby pink wine table to LAYER’s eco-friendly chairs and stools – these intriguing furniture designs are what your modern home needs!

The Peach Easy Chair is a visually intriguing and appealing furniture design that was created by Annabella Hevesi to introduce and experiment with a kind of mechanical joint. The innovative chair has been equipped with a unique mechanical joint solution that allows the foam to be shaped in a completely refreshing manner.

The joint enables the foam to be shaped without cutting or casting – the first method creates a lot of waste, and the second method is quite expensive. Instead, a new ‘tufting’ technique was employed to distort the foam and create the shell out of the chair.

The Superpop tables by Italian designer Paolo Cappello for Miniforms have colorful, terrazzo-like surfaces that are built from recycled plastic. The versatile tables can be used as coffee tables, side tables, or even stools!

They are sustainable, versatile, lightweight, and fun. They have a suitable height and shape that gives them a universal appeal and versatile functionality. The colorful and speckled surface of the Superpop table is really quite unique and attractive to the eye.

The Flitter console table is essentially a multi-layered plywood board that has been torn and segregated into multiple single sheets on one end. This, in turn, creates small storage sections, that can be used to store the little knickknacks and items you need for daily use.

The other end of the Flitter console table is much like any other table, so you can place your everyday objects on the tabletop. The little storage sections or ‘pockets’ on the other end feature varying widths, allowing you to store multiple items in different shapes and sizes.

If you’re someone who loves hosting friends in your yard for the occasional picnic or two, then this Wine Table by Gustaf Westman is the furniture design you’ve not only been looking for but also dreaming of!

It’s equipped with a unique cratered center to hold your bottle of wine, two flat tabletops to hold your snacks, and two double-pronged limbs to place your wine glass in.

London-based design firm LAYER designed the ‘Vale’ collection for US furniture brand KFI Studios. The Vale collection is a range of eco-friendly chairs and stool created from recycled PET bottles, and are a protest against the plastic waste that is drowning Earth’s oceans and landfills at an alarming rate.

The various furniture designs are built using a tactile felt material, which is manufactured from recycled PET bottles and is eco-friendly, sturdy, and durable. It’s also quite easy to maintain.

The Tone chair features a simple and solid form that was the result of the exploration of a simple metallic tube and bending process on the part of the designer.

Four tubes, and and two pieces of sheet metal were used to build the chair. The two pieces of sheet metal were used to form the seat and the backrest, while the four metallic tubes were utilized to construct the legs of the chair.

Designed by SUNRIU Design, the 6-alloy chair doesn’t look like any of the regular chairs you see on the market. It is a mix between a stool, and a chair, one that seats you and your pet.

Built using aluminum and Piñatex (leather created from pineapple leaf), the 6-alloy chair features an aluminum body, that comprises of three tubes. The three tubes are subtly interlocked together, with two pieces of leather forming the seating section, and a nifty storage section beneath it.

The Tellus bench was designed by street furniture brand Vestre, and designer Emma Olbers who created it using fossil-free steel, without producing any carbon emissions.

Swedish steelmaker SSAB forged the steel used to build the Tellus Bench in its converted blast furnace, which utilizes green hydrogen instead of coal for heat, and hence it emits no carbon dioxide.

Designed by Deniz Aktay, the Drop Side Table is a clean, minimal, and sturdy furniture piece that was created by twisting a standard glass tube until it is completely interlocked within itself.

This twisting and interlocking resulted in the creation of two parts that are divided by a tightly knitted separation. Twisting the tube created a simple and efficient product that did not require any additional material.

This uniquely designed stool is called the KNOT Stool, and it is flat all around! It features neither a curved surface nor any corners, and you can see the multiple layers of wood that create all its parts, providing the stool with a raw and brutalist aesthetic.

The three wooden pieces can be painted in the same or different colors. The decorative webbing strap that wraps around the top of the stool’s legs can also come in complementing or contrasting colors, not to mention being made of different materials.

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