Your Home Could Be So Much More Comfortable If You Do Any Of These Genius Things
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Your Home Could Be So Much More Comfortable If You Do Any Of These Genius Things

Jun 24, 2023


Make your home your (plush, cushy) castle.

When it comes to comfort, too much is never enough. And while you might think a spa-inspired overhaul could be a major hassle, making your home more a little more zen is actually easier than you think. Whether you’re looking for a less taxing meal prep routine, to create a soothing ambience in any room, or to stock up on plush home accessories, there’s a genius tip below and a product to help you achieve it. Your home is about to feel so good, you’ll never want to leave.

Upgrade your linens with this cozy sheet set that’s earned 240,000 perfect five-star ratings. Made from silky smooth microfiber, not only are these sheets soft to the touch, they’re also breathable, so they won’t get too hot, even on warm nights. The set comes with two pillowcases, a flat sheet, and a fitted sheet that can fit mattresses up to 16 inches deep.

Turn your bathroom into a lavish oasis with this luxury showerhead. It delivers a high-pressure flow that comes streaming out of 90 anti-clog nozzles, and the rainfall design offers full-body coverage. Top it off with one of the six upmarket finishes (like brushed nickel, matte black, oil-rubbed bronze), and you’ve got hardware that’s both stylish and supercharged.

Yes, even kitchen chores can be more comfortable — just add this anti-fatigue standing mat. Available in several colors and patterns, this mat is made from dense, springy foam to offer support to your joints as you stand at the counter or sink. The bottom is treated with a nonslip coating to help keep it steady underfoot.

These cooling pillowcases are made from a special blend of tightly woven fibers that dissipate excess body heat to help you stay cool. One side of each pillowcase is constructed from the cooling material, and the other from breathable cotton, so you can flip your pillow to customize your sleeping preferences. The hidden zipper ensures a sleek silhouette, too.

Take the hassle out of making the bed with these bed sheet straps. They have a unique triangular shape, with clips that secure to three points on every sheet corner, ensuring the fitted sheet doesn’t pop off and bunch up in the night, which can be so uncomfortable. The elastic straps and adjustable buckles ensure you’ll have the perfect fit.

While some fans just move air around, this portable misting fan helps you achieve extra comfort with a setting that gently sprays cool water your direction. The long-lasting battery ensures it can run for up to 35 hours on a 6.5-hour charge, and it even has a built-in lantern, making it a great choice for camping. Plus, the nonslip pads on the bottom create a sturdy base for all your cooling needs.

A good night’s sleep starts with great bedding, and this comforter insert checks all the boxes. It’s earned a stellar 4.6-star overall rating after 100,000 reviews, with buyers reporting it’s the “perfect weight for everyday use” and “like sleeping with a fluffy cloud.” Not only does it make a great insert thanks to the convenient corner tabs, but it can also be used on its own as a duvet.

If you spend a lot of time sitting throughout the day, your back wants you to scoop up this memory foam seat cushion. The supportive foam helps relieve pressure while the unique cutout shape helps to properly align the spine. And it’s not just comfortable, it’s practical, too, as the cover can be removed and laundered in the washing machine.

Any home office can be made instantly comfier with the addition of this laptop stand. Made from sturdy aluminum, this stand raises up your machine to eye level, thereby reducing neck strain. The feet come equipped with nonslip grips to keep it in place, and the open-bottom design means you’ll have proper airflow, so your laptop won’t overheat.

Relieve your wrists and fingers from straining and aching with this jar opener that gets tough lids unstuck. Position it under a shelf or cabinet, stick it on using the included adhesive, and screw it in place. When you’re done, place jars of multiple sizes into the recessed wedge until they fit snugly. Then just let the pressure of the device help ease open your items with a gentle twist.

Droopy couches can be so uncomfortable, but you can breathe new life into old sofas with this cushion insert. Made from sturdy foam, this insert slips right into your existing cushion cases, giving each one a 1.5-inch rise that helps your couch look and feel lifted and supported. It comes in multiple sizes, so you can get the perfect fit.

Make your bed a cozy refuge with this memory foam pillow. Unlike some pillows, this one is filled with shredded memory foam rather than one solid foam block, so you can get customized support that envelops all the contours of your head and neck. It’s all wrapped up in a breathable bamboo case so you can stay cool at night.

Even bath time can get a comfy upgrade thanks to this bamboo bathtub tray. The tray expands from 29.5 to 43 inches, so it can fit a variety of tub sizes. Plus, it comes with lots of useful features, like a niche for a stemmed wine glass, slots for candles and phones, and even a stand for displaying tablets and books.

Your posture matters even when you sleep, so ensure you’re properly aligned with this memory foam knee pillow. Its unique peanut-like shape allows it to nestle comfortably between your knees to open up your hips and reduce back strain when you’re sleeping on your side. Just remove the cover and toss it in the wash when it needs a cleaning.

Help reduce eyestrain and discomfort by choosing the right level of brightness for every space with this smart bulb. Pair it with the accompanying app and you’ll be able to choose from a whopping 16 million colors right from your phone. It’s also compatible with virtual assistants like Alexa so you can make use of voice control, too.

The relaxation doesn’t have to end when the shower does, thanks to this bath mat. Made from soft memory foam, this mat feels plush underfoot but is quick drying to prevent sogginess. The low-pile construction means it won’t get stuck underneath doors, and the nonslip backing keeps it firmly in place.

This footrest can help your legs maintain an ergonomic 90-degree position while you work, even if your feet don’t reach the floor. It has a ton of practical features — not only is it adjustable in height, but there’s a removable cover for easy washing. The rounded shape ensures feet can rest with proper alignment, and you can even use it as a knee or back support pillow while seated on a couch.

Bid wrist fatigue adieu with this set of memory foam rests. The set comes with two pads: one for supporting your wrists underneath your keyboard as you type, and another that doubles as a cushioned mouse pad. The neoprene coating on the back will keep them from sliding around on your desk.

Crashing cabinet doors can be such a headache, so soften the blow with these cabinet door bumpers that prevent slamming. The set comes with a whopping 128 bumpers that stick to a variety of surfaces with pre-applied adhesive. Use them on door handles, toilet seat lids, or even to prevent damage behind picture frames or under vases.

Stop losing heat in the winter or AC in the summer with these thermal-insulated curtains. Not only do they provide a blackout effect for sounder sleeping, but they’re also energy efficient since the fibers create insulation to help maintain your home’s temperature. Thanks to their sturdy metal grommets, they’re easy to install on a variety of rods.

Whether you want another layer in bed or a cozy wrap on the couch, this throw blanket won’t disappoint. Made from light, airy muslin, it’s as soft and gentle as a baby blanket. And since it’s woven from 100% cotton, you can be sure it’s super breathable and easy to clean. The wavy, knit finish provides a decorative touch that adds a pop of texture to any space.

Turn your living room into a home theater with this backlight strip. Available in 10 sizes, it’s studded with LED lights that can help soften the contrast when watching TV in the dark, thereby reducing eyestrain. The brightness-adjustable strip plugs directly into your device’s USB port and the lights stick right on, thanks to an adhesive backing.

Refresh tired throws by popping them into these soft throw pillow covers that boast a 4.7-star overall rating. They’re plush to the touch thanks to the velvety corduroy material, and the hidden zipper gives them a streamlined look. They come in a range of sizes and dimensions, and reviewers reported they “look and feel amazing” and “wash well.”

These plush throw pillow inserts prove you should never settle for basic when it comes to comfort. Unlike traditional throw cushions, these are filled with shredded memory foam for flexible comfort with plenty of support. The inserts measure 18 by 18 inches and can be used with any properly sized cover of your choosing.

Ensure navigating your space in the dark is safe and easy with this set of night lights. They come equipped with sensors that automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn to save energy and cut down on hassle. They offer up a sleek, low-profile design and a dimmable warm white glow. Say goodbye to stubbed toes at night once and for all.

Keep all the essentials comfortably within reach with this sofa arm tray table. The tray features a unique design made of flexible yet firm bamboo panels that conform to a variety of sofa arm widths. There’s even a nonslip pad on the top to keep items in place, as well as a slot that keeps your phone upright.

Stop straining to grab things that are just out of reach and level up (literally) with this step stool instead. The clever design folds completely flat when not in use, and there’s even a handle that pops up so you can comfortably transport it. It supports up to 300 pounds and features nonslip dots for traction. Choose from two sizes and a range of colors.

Few things are as unpleasant as a gust of unwanted cold air, but you can avoid that with this door draft stopper. Made from flexible silicone, this stopper can be trimmed to fit your exact door width. It couldn’t be easier to install, either, since it comes with adhesive backing. Just stick it on to keep your heat or AC inside where it belongs.

Make sure you always have lots of ice for chilled beverages with this set of two ice trays that come accompanied by a bin, so you can easily store your surplus. The trays make charming round spheres and come in colors like soft blue and dusty rose. The set even comes with an ice scooper for convenience.

Quit fumbling around in the back of your cabinets trying to find the right jar when you can simply install this slide-out spice rack that brings all your seasoning within arm’s reach. The chrome-plated shelf can store up to 10 spice bottles and is simple to install: Just screw it in place in the back of your cabinet. You can also grab this in larger sizes for bigger spice collections, or to store oils and other cooking essentials.

No more squinting through your skin-care routine, because these vanity lights are here to get things glowing. These lights come on a generous 10-foot cord and they’re simple to install: Just plug them into the nearest outlet and stick them on your mirror with the included adhesive. The strip comes with 60 dimmable bulbs, allowing you to select your ideal level of brightness.

If fruit flies and gnats keep buzzing around your space, you can keep them at bay with this indoor insect trap. It works to eradicate bugs in three ways: First it attracts them with its UV light, then the internal fan sucks them in, and finally the glue trap at the bottom keeps them stuck until you’re ready to empty the chamber. Your home will be more comfortable and bug free in no time.

If you’ve tried spraying air fresheners to no avail, try this odor eliminator instead. It plugs into any outlet and actually works to neutralize odors instead of just masking them. The quiet fan sucks in air while the internal carbon filter eliminates unpleasant smells. There’s even a removable “green meadow” scented filter if you’d like to add a refreshing touch to your space.

If you’re ready to give your hydration routine a spa-style upgrade, give this glass infuser pitcher a try. Not only does it dispense beverages, but its interior chamber allows you to create flavored water with your favorite fruits and herbs. There’s even a built-in strainer to keep particles out when you pour yourself a glass.

Aching backs and messy spills begone, thanks to this laundry detergent holder. Its simple but clever design secures your jug with a sturdy strap and tilts it on a downward angle, so you can easily dispense the soap into a cup. The organizer comes equipped with rubber feet to keep it from slipping, too.

Most device stands are rigid and hard, but this pillow tablet stand changes the game, so you can lounge in comfort while you video chat or scroll. It’s made from a soft yet supportive pillowy material with a flat base perfect for use in beds or on couches. The unique triangular shape offers up six different notches, allowing you to choose the perfect display angle.

Set the mood without setting the place on fire using these flameless candles. The set comes with three pillar candles made from wax ensconced inside smoked glass jars of varying heights. The flame can be operated by a handy remote control that allows you to select the brightness, set them on a timer, and more.

Never settle for a lukewarm cup of joe again thanks to this mug warmer. Simply plug it in and you’ll be able to enjoy three different temperature settings, all accessible via one convenient button. It also comes equipped with an auto-shutoff feature that activates after four hours for added safety.

Snag this electric can opener for hassle-free food prep that’s easier on your wrists and fingers. Just place this battery-operated gadget atop your can, and with the press of a button, it’ll cut around the lid to open it with ease — all without leaving behind any jagged edges. The blade is made from durable stainless steel for long-lasting use.

Make any room more comfortable with this shag rug that’s available in lots of dimensions and colors, like slate, sandy brown, and this rich terra cotta hue. The handmade weave offers up a fluffy texture that’s sure to feel soft and cozy underfoot. Better yet, it’s stain resistant and won’t shed, either.

Whether you’re chopping with a knife or using a razor-sharp mandoline, there’s always the risk of nicks, but these cut-resistant gloves shield your hands and give you peace of mind. Made from a stretchy blend of material that includes fiberglass, these gloves stop blades from penetrating your skin without impeding dexterity. Plus, they’re machine washable.

Enjoy a calming ambience with this unique Himalayan salt lamp. Featuring heaps of hand-carved salt crystals inside a decorative wire basket, this lamp has a distinctive amber hue that sets a soothing, mellow mood. And since it’s just 8 inches tall, it’s compact enough to fit almost anywhere.

Doing the washing might be a chore but it doesn’t have to feel like one with this rolling laundry cart that makes it easy to transport your load to the washer. The cart comes with four rolling casters and brakes, atop which two laundry bags are suspended, allowing you to easily sort lights and darks. It’ll hold up to anything you throw at it, too, since each bag can support up to 11 pounds.

This sleek essential oil diffuser will blend right in with your decor thanks to its neutral-hued faux wood finish. Simply fill the internal chamber with water and oil of your choosing for a relaxing mist you can enjoy anywhere. To get you started, the set comes with 10 essential oils, including lavender, mint, lemongrass, and more.

This bathtub mat takes a cue from nature with an appealing pebble design. And it’s not just pleasing to look at, it’s super practical, too, thanks to the whopping 200 suction cups that keep it in place on your tub floor, along with a nonslip textured surface that gives feet a firm grip. You can even trim it to shape for a custom fit.

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