Preparation and mixing instructions for VidPrevtyn™ Beta COVID
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Preparation and mixing instructions for VidPrevtyn™ Beta COVID

Aug 16, 2023

Updated 5 April 2023

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VidPrevtyn Beta™ is supplied as 2 multi-dose vials, an antigen solution and an adjuvant emulsion that must be mixed before injection.

The antigen solution is a colourless, clear liquid and the adjuvant emulsion is a whitish to yellowish homogeneous milky liquid.

Place the vials at room temperature for a minimum of 15 minutes protected from light.

Invert each vial and inspect them visually for any foreign particulate matter or discolouration. Do not use if either are present.

Do not shake.

Remove the flip-off cap and cleanse both vial stoppers with antiseptic swabs.

Use a sterile 21-gauge or narrower needle and sterile syringe to withdraw the entirecontents from the adjuvant vial.

Transfer the full syringe contents into the antigen vial.

Mix the contents by inverting the vial 5 times. Do not shake.

The mixed vaccine is a whitish to yellowish homogeneous milky liquid emulsion; do notuse the vaccine if the appearance is otherwise.

Record the 6 hour discard date and time on the designated area of the vial label.

Drawing up individual doses:

A single dose should be administered in the densest part of the deltoid muscle of the upper arm.

Mixed product can be kept at room temperature whilst in use at a clinic session. In other settings, such as domiciliary vaccination, the product may be returned to a vaccine fridge or cool box between each vaccination.

All 10 doses should be used as soon as practically possible and any remaining unused doses discarded after 6 hours.

A PDF poster version of these instructions, which includes images, is available to download. Print copies are available and free to pre-order from Health Publications.