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Jul 13, 2023

Aug 8, 2023

Brooke County sheriff

Charged: Troy L. Bailey, 48, 83 Cunningham Lane, Wellsburg, assault on a government representative, July 28. According to police reports, Bailey threatened to shoot the county’s deputy dog warden while she was investigating a complaint of a dog running loose, then retreated toward his residence.

Charged: Daniel J. Hercules, 48, 2965 Windy Hill, Wellsburg, obstructing an officer and trespassing, Wednesday.

Wellsburg Police

Charged: Stacy R. Painter, 64, 50 25th St., Wellsburg, strangulation, Wednesday. A woman known to Painter told police Painter attempted to choke her following a dispute between the two. Police found her neck to be red, but Painter denied the allegation.

Charged: Mary J. Slider, 23, 2244 Marianna St., Wellsburg, two counts of assault, Thursday. A woman known to Slider told police Slider was yelling at her young children outside their home and when she told her to stop, Slider told her and an adult male she would get a gun from her home and shoot them. A witness known by Slider told police the man had threatened to punch her.

Weirton Police

Charged: Elijah D. Foster, 18, 1503 Pershing Ave., Steubenville, reckless driving and obstructing an officer, Aug. 2.

West Virginia State Police

Charged: Daniel W. Millhouse, 49, Triadelphia, failure to appear, Wednesday.

Follansbee Police

Charged: Cynthia A. Brown, 45, 644 High St., Wellsburg, petit larceny, Friday.

Jefferson County Sheriff

Clean sweep: A Steubenville resident said he brought a woman from Weirton to his house and paid her $100 to clean it but once there she started acting “weird,” Saturday. He told deputies she was going to leave but wanted to take one of his cars. She said she’d been brought to his house “to make money and clean.” They said they’d met at his friend’s business in downtown Weirton, which she helps clean. She told deputies she lives in Weirton but didn’t know anyone’s number to call to pick her up.

Suspicious minds: A man reported a makeshift meth lab, Friday. He said he found a white powdery substance, a glass pipe and paper towels stashed in a grill at his ex’s residence.

Nowhere to go: A Rayland woman woke up to find a woman on her porch who wouldn’t leave, Saturday. She said the homeowner doesn’t want the woman on the property. Deputies said the uninvited porch sitter told them she didn’t know she wasn’t permitted on the property, though the homeowner had filed a report about her trespassing on July 27 and deputies told her if she returned again, she’d be arrested. She said she “was currently homeless and was staying at … friends’ houses and/or in the woods,” so they found a shelter that would take her.

Dressed down: A Wintersville resident reported a suspicious man walking outside his home wearing only a pair of shorts and believed the man might be on drugs, Saturday. Deputies said when they got there the man was sitting on the ground with his face between his legs (and) looked to be sleeping.” When they asked him if he knew where he was, they said he was “unable to answer,” though he did tell them he lived in the house next door. After confirming that, he was allowed in the neighboring property deputies allowed him to go there.

Booked: Anthony E. Marsili, 4998 state Route 152, Dillonvale, probation violation, Friday.

Steubenville Police

Damage: A Canonsburg, Pa., woman who parked her car on private property in the 1200 block of Wellesley Avenue rear where it wasn’t wanted said a man came outside with a shovel and shattered her windows, Sunday. She told police she was sitting in a friend’s car when the man came out of the alleyway where the vehicle was parked and went into a residence, then came back out carrying the shovel. She said she heard “loud banging noises coming from where her vehicle was parked and glass shattering,” and when she checked her vehicle discovered the windows and windshield missing. Police said Clifford D. Garrison, 39, 1344 Wilson Ave., was taken into custody after the woman pointed him out while he was walking through the alley. They said Garrison fled on foot but was apprehended under a porch in the 1500 block of Foster Place. He was charged with criminal mischief, obstructing official business and a parole violation, and also served with outstanding warrants alleging assault, obstructing official business, resisting arrest, retaliation and felony drug possession, police said. The owner of the property said she saw where the Canonsburg woman parked and had asked her to move her car, and police told the Canonsburg woman not to park there again.

Mellow: A Sunset Boulevard resident said a neighbor had “smoked marijuana all day, causing the entire apartment complex to smell,” Sunday. Police advised the tenant that her neighbors were complaining.

Lesson not learned: A homeless man was facing multiple charges after police caught him in a building in the 100 block of North Fourth Street where he wasn’t supposed to be, Sunday. The building manager told police Alan L. Martin, 40, and his female companion were on the banned list, and police said he’d been picked up for the same offense several days earlier. Police said when they searched Martin they found a small light bulb attached to a glass pipe and allege he told them “he smokes meth out of the light bulb.” They also allege they found part of a Buprenorphine pill and a suboxen film in his bookbag and that Martin couldn’t produce a prescription document for either item and said he told them “he found the items on the ground.” Martin was charged with criminal trespass, misdemeanor possession of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia, police said. The female fled the building.

Booted: A South Sixth Street resident said she needed police help to get a man to leave her residence, Sunday. She told police the male stole a key to her home and let himself in and showed them a signed paper from the property owner stating he should not be there. The man claimed she’d let him in the house and that he’d been living there for eight months, but after collecting a few belongings he agreed to leave the residence.

Ex dispute: A woman told police her ex threatened to slash her tires after she refused to speak with him, Sunday. She said she’d gone to his house to pick up her kids but he got “upset with her because she refused to speak with him.” He said he’d walked down to her car to speak with her but he couldn’t see her because of her tinted windows and tapped on the window. Believing she was ignoring him, he told police he told the kids to get out of her car and then argued. He said he told her he was calling police and admitted he’d told her he’d slash the tires “in hopes of her leaving.”

Booked: Lawrence W. Murray, 50, St. Clairsville, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and cited for expired/unlawful plates, Sunday. Police said Murray was taken into custody when they allegedly found illicit items in a bookbag after they pulled his vehicle over for the plates violation. Police allege they found a glass crack pipe with burned Chor boy as well as a small glass tube with a burned bowl at one end of a type used for smoking “illegal narcotics, specifically methamphetamine.”

Scary stuff: Police responded to the 500 block of Pittsburgh Street after a caller reported a man had pulled a gun on a juvenile, Monday. A juvenile told police he and friends were playing basketball around 11 p.m. in an alley when a man walking by started arguing with them. He said the same man had argued with them earlier in the evening and one of the juveniles punched him and the man pulled out a gun, “which caused all the juveniles to run away.” The adult fled, but later came to the police station and “admitted to being involved in the argument and (that) he was punched by a juvenile but denied having or brandishing a gun. He wasn’t interested in pursuing charges against the juvenile.

Charged: Wal-Mart employees said a woman had a pair of jeans and a box of coffee cups she hadn’t paid for, Sunday. Police said Roseann Davis, 67, 523 Forestview Drive, Steubenville, was charged with petty theft. Davis “insisted she did not steal the items,” but police allege surveillance video showed she failed to scan the items.

Booked: Keira Shaffer, 41, 404 S. Fourth St., Steubenville, bench warrant for failure to appear, Sunday.

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