Best Things to Buy With Your FSA Money in August 2023
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Best Things to Buy With Your FSA Money in August 2023

Feb 07, 2024

Tackle summer heat with these ice packs, cold caps, and more from Amazon’s FSA storefront.

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Health / Reese Herrington

Summer sun means green grass, blue skies…and heat. In fact, July was the hottest month on record, according to NASA. Thankfully, there are countless cooling products designed to combat the powerful rays and help you beat the heat. Whether you’re looking for a cooling neck wrap or soothing ice packs, we found some of the best cooling products to help you regulate your temperature—and they’re FSA-eligible.

If you aren’t familiar, Amazon has a storefront specifically dedicated to items that are eligible for FSA and HSA coverage. There, you can save your FSA/HSA card information to your Amazon profile for a quick and easy shopping experience.

If you have FSA/HSA money to spare and want some quick cooling relief during these last few weeks of summer, these are our top picks, including migraine cold caps, compression garments, gel ice packs, and more.


An Amazon best-seller, this TheraIce cold cap won the top spot in our roundup of the best migraine hats. However, a gel cooling cap like this can do a lot more than help with migraines: It wraps around your head for near-instant relief when you need a quick way to cool off, and since it’s medical-grade, it shouldn’t take long to freeze. (And it should stay frozen even longer.)

To buy: TheraIce Migraine Headache Relief Cap $30 (was $50);


Cooling eye masks are great for relieving headaches and soothing puffy eyes (especially for fall allergies). They’re also excellent for keeping you cool in the heat. With the help of cooling gel beads, this mask lies across your eyes like a sleep mask. It’s covered with a layer of soft fabric so your eyelids don’t get too cold, and you chill it by placing it in the fridge or freezer. You can microwave it for some heat therapy, too.

To buy: TruHealth Gel Bead Eye Mask $11 with on-site coupon (was $12);


An ice pack is a classic solution to muscle aches, swelling, sprains, and overheating. Placing one of these packs on various pressure points on your body, such as the back of your neck or your wrists, will allow you to cool off. This one can be filled with crushed or cubed ice, and since it has a secure screw cap, there are “no leaks,” one happy customer found. Plus, the material is free from latex, so it won’t irritate sensitive skin.

To buy: Cara Cold Therapy Ice Pack $11;


Sectional ice packs cover more of your body than a standard cold pack. These gel compresses can be placed over or wrapped around your knees, ankles, elbows, or wrists for instant relief from the heat. The packs are reusable, so you can put them pack in the freezer once you’ve used them, and they’re designed to remain soft—even when frozen—for added comfort.

To buy: Perfect Remedy Gel Ice Packs $17 (was $18);


A reusable neck wrap is a quick and easy way to cool down. Even when frozen, it’s malleable enough that you wrap it around the back of your neck. One shopper, who is “prone to heat exhaustion,” has found that this ice pack “does stay soft, moveable, and doesn't seem like it will leak even after weeks of being in the freezer.”

When you’re done using the vinyl ice pack—it stays cold for about 30 minutes—just pop it back in the freezer, and it’ll be ready to go next time you need to cool off.

To buy: Arctic Flex Neck Ice Pack $20 (was $33);


While it’s mostly tailored to injuries and tendonitis, this compression sleeve helps you cool off, too. The sleeve slides right around your arm, encircling the entire elbow for 360-degree relief. It’s flexible even when frozen, for “easy on, easy off,” one shopper shared. The compression garment is available in two sizes and several color options.

To buy: ComfiTech Elbow Ice Pack $18 with on-site coupon (was $40);


This therapeutic wrap can be frozen or microwaved to provide cold and heat therapy, depending on your needs. On a hot day, the clay bead-filled wrap can be popped in the freezer for 20 to 30 minutes and then placed on pressure points to regulate your body temperature. According to one pleased owner, the body wrap “has no scent at all,” as compared to some options with herbs and scents, making it ideal for those with allergies or sensitivities.

To buy: Thrive Hot & Cold Body Wrap $23 (was $29);


Relieve hot feet with these cold therapy socks, which are filled with two chillable gel packs. According to the brand, they’re also helpful for sore and achy feet, especially for those who are pregnant or deal with plantar fasciitis. Boasting nearly 10,000 5-star ratings, the gel packets in these socks “get really cold and are so soothing on my feet,” shared one owner.

To buy: NatraCure Cold Therapy Socks $25;


We love this cooling teddy bear for kids who get overheated from playing outside in the summer sun. Place the 100% cotton bear in the freezer, then remove it when your little one needs to cool off or has a boo-boo.

Compared to regular ice packs, the bear’s medical grade cotton covering “feels nicer for little ones than cold plastic,” one pleased customer found. It holds its temperature for up to 45 minutes, and it can even be microwaved as well.

To buy: Thermal-Aid Teddy Bear $20;


This cold therapy ice pack provides chest, neck, and shoulder coverage. On one side, plush fabric makes you more comfortable and combats condensation, while on the other, a smooth nylon material allows for increased contact between the cold and your skin. Shoppers appreciate that it “snaps in the front to keep it in place.”

To buy: Comfytemp Ice Pack $25 (was $32);

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